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Welcome to The Genthe Group, Inc. your Consulting , Marketing, Sales and Web Design center.

The Genthe Group, Inc. established in 2010, combines the efforts and experience of 30 years of Automotive Manufacturing to help your business excel in the Production, Sales and Marketing of your products and services to your targeted industries.
The Genthe Group, Inc. has the experience in Lean Manufacturing, Sales, Project Management and Cost Control needed to keep your business competitive in a rapidly changing, expanding and uncertain economy.
The Genthe Group, Inc. represents a custom plastic injection molder and contract manufacturer by the name of, Molding Services of Illinois, located in Olney, Illinois, a manufacturer of PC Board and Electronics, Q-Circuits, Inc, located in Flora, Illinois and Silcar, a vacuum and thermo-forming company with facilities in Clay City, Illinois.
The Genthe Group, Inc. has recently been awarded the rights to be the exclusive agent in our area for LED Optical Solutions, Corp., for the distribution and sales of the LEDOS design LED ornamental street lamp bulb. This bulb will directly replace current HID bulbs up to 250 watt in three different color ranges. Please contact The Genthe Group, Inc. for more information.
In relation to LED lighting and Green technology The Genthe Group, Inc. is also the exclusive agent in the area for, LED Energy Tech Solutions., for the distribution and sales of interior and exterior, residential and commercial LED lighting products. Products ranging from LED street lamps to LED replacements for incandescent light bulbs. Please contact The Genthe Group, Inc. for more information.
The future of our children, grandchildern and the planet begins with us. With the energy saving products offered by The Genthe Group, Inc. IT IS EASY TO BE GREEN. Please contact The Genthe Group, Inc. for your energy saving needs.

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Flora, Illinois 62839

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